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Fahrgasse 10 (Maria Shop), Frankfurt am Main
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Credits: Special thanks go to our photographers Johannes Berger.


Introducing Art Project, a unique fusion of art and culture that finds its roots in classical music. Our concept revolves around the exchange of artists, aiming to derive fresh inspiration from the convergence of diverse creative minds.

Love of art

In collaboration with world-renowned cellist and photographer Julius Berger, tenor Matthew Swenson, the esteemed Malion Quartet, and a myriad of other classical performers, Art Project stands as a testament to the harmonious marriage of various artistic talents. The collaboration extends beyond the realm of music to encompass partnerships with establishments that embody artistic excellence, such as the fine dining restaurant Bellas Lokal and the avant-garde fashion concept store Maria Shop.

At the core of Art Project's philosophy is the belief that the intersection of different art forms sparks innovation and creativity. Just as notes and melodies blend seamlessly in a musical composition, our collaborations with these distinguished artists and establishments aim to create a symphony of creativity that transcends boundaries.

Embrace the spirit of artistic collaboration and join us in this immersive experience where classical music intertwines with fine dining and fashion concepts. Art Project invites you to explore the rich tapestry of creativity that emerges when diverse artistic expressions come together in perfect harmony.

Artists & Partner

Julius Berger & Hyun-Jung Berger
Matthew Swenson
Malion Quartett
Isabelle Pering

Upcoming concerts

Klaviertrio Konzert: Charis Ensemble
Osterkirche Mörtelnder Landstraße 214, Frankfurt am Main

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